Professional Services Negotiation Programmes

Focal Point UK - Expert negotiators for business and professional services

Focal Point enables professional services firms to see inside the client's mind, develop outstanding negotiation skills and secure an agreement which works for their business, every time. The consequences are extraordinary. Profit margins grow and strong relationships are built. What is more, your business can wave goodbye to fee reductions and scope creep whilst maintaining a happy client - a win/win situation.

Why use Focal Point Training UK?

You can trust that when you work with Focal Point that we are truly negotiation experts for business. We already advise a number of "high ticket" professional services and consultancy companies ensuring they are comprehensively prepared for what they'll encounter at the negotiating table. Furthermore when we are selling our own company's services we are in a very similar position - so we have a lot of empathy with the issues and challenges that professional service organisations face.

Negotiation training for professional service companies that really boosts business relationships

It's easily done, you don't want to risk a good relationship with a client so end up negotiating a deal you're not happy with - or perhaps even resent. In our experience these professional service organisations focus more on the relationship with their clients rather than their bottom line, which is ultimately problematic for everyone. We ensure that you negotiate the revenue that you need whilst at the same time maintaining or even improving your client relationship.

Contact us today to find out how we can support your professional services business with powerful negotiation training or download a PDF of the programme outline. Alternatively find out more about us, our resources or sign up for our negotiation newsletter from any of our Focal Point Negotiation pages.

Focal Point Training UK - expert negotiators for business and professional services