Negotiating with Retailers

UK Contract Negotiation Courses - so you can negotiate successfully with retailers

The large UK retailers are under increasing pressure to deliver profit improvements - largely at the expense of the supplier. Focal Point Training enables manufacturers to see inside the buyer's mind and get the 'other side of the table' perspective. Armed with this valuable knowledge, our contract negotiation courses will allow suppliers to develop outstanding negotiation skills and secure a deal which works for their business, every time.

Why use Focal Point Training UK?

You need to be confident that any facilitator running a contract negotiation course understands the challenges you might be faced with when at the negotiating table. All the coaches have worked and / or continue to work, with major UK retail chains. They know what the retailer needs and how they are likely to negotiate for it but equally as negotiation experts they can ensure you are best equipped to secure they deal which works for your business first.

What you'll do on the Negotiating Skills with Retailers programme

Whether you need training in how to position price increases, or how to prepare for large negotiations, or just a general up skilling on negotiation, we can help through a combination of groups and one-on-one intensive training. For some organisations we have even held a "customer issue" clinic where we focus in on specific business issues.

Why it will make a difference?

You'll discover how to construct robust commercial arguments and avoid common pitfalls, which often damage your negotiations. Focal Point training will enable you to escape the "price driven" sale, making sure that you only make concessions when it is absolutely necessary.

Contact us today to book on our UK based contract negotiation with retailers course or download a PDF of the programme outline.

Focal Point Training - UK contract negotiation courses for success in negotiating with retailers