Negotiation training for groups

Focal Point UK - effective negotiation skills training

To get the best results from negotiation skills training it is vital to invest your time in a programme that will suit your learning style. At Focal Point UK, all our training, whether for groups or individuals, is bespoke. This ensures that the training can be tailored to address the particular challenges your business.

How our negotiation skills courses develop teams

Although we run what most people described as typical training interventions (trainer stands up, talks, role-play feedback etc.) we usually do this as part of a programme - ensuring that the learning can be monitored and really sticks. What is more, working in groups can bring a variety of new perspectives to the business and support team growth. Our negotiation skills techniques are also backed up from both the latest academic research and real life situations, so groups get the best coaching available.

Why Focal Point's effective negotiation skills training is good for both customer and trainee

All the case studies focus on current business issues - so frequently the time can be used not only to improve people's skills but it can also be used to generate solutions to current real problems the business faces.

Contact us today to arrange effective negotiation coaching and training for groups in your business. Alternatively, find out more about us or some of our existing training programmes by following our links.

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