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All of our team have had negotiation experience at board level and are trained behavioural facilitators. We blend the two spheres to give a truly unique insight and deliver expert negotiation coaching.

Managing Director Steve Jones is a leading negotiation expert in the UK. He is arguably the UK's leading FMCG negotiation trainer and coach, specialising in training for sales and procurement negotiation. Trusted by some of the most influential high street names in the UK, Steve has gathered a wealth of experience which he uses to drive forward the profitability of his client's businesses.

We're negotiators first

Above all else we're negotiators - not trainers who have tacked a version of negotiation training to their list of programmes. With us you will get a tailored programme of case studies and exercises which match your required day-to-day context. This makes for high 'face validity' and maximising the transfer of learning to the workplace.

Changing behaviour - to make you the negotiation expert

As behaviour specialists we focus on diagnosing and changing behaviour, not just teaching process. Behavioural change is achieved through practice - we generate accurate and challenging simulations so that delegates can practice, receive feedback and practice again. The result is ultimate 'match fitness'.

Contact us today to find out how negotiation expert Steve Jones and the rest of our team can support your business. Alternatively discover more about our training programmes, resources or sign up for our negotiation newsletter from any of our Focal Point Negotiation pages.

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